Thursday, April 16, 2015

amateur art - lilly satou again

nothing major, just a digital version of the Lilly drawing from last time. I'd wanted to make one like this, because I was really happy with the original color pencil drawing, but wanted to see it all clean-looking and whatnot. It's like the difference between VHS and DVD. 

Or LaserDisc
With the layer feature in SketchBook Pro, making this was as easy as tracing on top of a scan of the original. It was actually pretty challenging considering that's "all" it was. A lot of my drawings don't really have clear outlines, and I'd wanted to try my hand at that. The color pencil version had a lot of blending, and so making this new one required a lot of decisions about where to put the lines, what color to make them, and how thick. Inkers really don't get respect, I find.

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