From time to time, my friend Matt and I record a podcast, wherein we discuss things of a primarily video game-related nature. We also have guest hosts, as we find 3 is usually the magic number for Podcasting. We have called it "Opinion Hated" and do it whenever we feel like we can fill an hour and keep it interesting. Your life is not complete without this podcast. For real.

Episode 19 (Part 2) [08/12/2015]
Part 2, people.

Episode 19 (Part 1) [08/12/2015]
Recorded from the annual drunk August Party. Guest hosts Sid, Leeanne, and John Thayer, from an echoey, boomy, noise-riddled environment.

Episode 18: [06/13/2014]
E3 2014 Spectacular Extravaganza ClusterF%#$!!!

Episode 17: [03/22/2014]
We talk about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Project Morpheus, Brothers, Bioshock DLCs, and ... beer!

Episode 16: [03/14/2014]
We return after a bit of a hiatus, caused by that thing called life. We talk about the Lego Movie, Goldeneye, games we played over the break (in rapid-fire), Spider-Man games, and the whole thing is recorded from a new location: my desk!

Episode 15: [07/05/2013]
We skip another number. Topics include The Last of Us, for the most part. Matt talks about Bioshock and The Walking Dead. PS4 is mentioned briefly.

Episode 13: [05/18/2013]
Topics include FarCry 3 Blood Dragon, Deus Ex HR revisited, the future of backwards compatibility, harsh times with Nintendo and Sega, and our own upped production values.

Episode 12: [05/11/2013]
Where'd episode 11 go? Hey, look over there! Topics include Iron Man 3, EA and Star Wars, Final Fantasy 13, and stuff.

Episode 10: [01/30/2013]
Topics include Katawa Shoujo, Dark Knight Rises, DC Universe, Juicing (Like, juicing), Metal Gear Rising and DmC

Episode 9: [01/19/2013]
Topics include Katawa Shoujo, Dishonored, LA Noire and the Sega CD for a second

Episode 8: [01/03/2013]
Topics include The Hobbit, CGI, fake nerd girls, Final Fantasy 13, and Catherine

Episode 7: [11/23/2012]
Topics include another brand new host, Breaking Dawn, Skyfall, LucasArts, and Jeremy needs a Red Bull

Episode 6: [07/12/2012]
Topics include a brand new host, disempowerment revisited, Nvidia's Kepler, Epic's new engine, and Monster

Episode 5: [07/02/2012]
Topics include Prometheus, disempowerment and other stuff we try to recover from the "Program Not Responding" podcast

Episode 4: [01/16/2012]
Topics include a lot of 3s; that of Battlefield, Fable and Resistance

Episode 3: [12/01/2011]
Topics includCatherine, Mass Effect 2, Toy Story 3, Breaking Dawn and Title Fight

Episode 2: [11/01/2011]
Topics include Deus Ex Human Revolution and other stuff Matt didn't leave in his description for me to copy

Episode 1: [02/14/2011]
Topic includes and is primarily limited to handheld gaming

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