Tuesday, November 12, 2013

amateur art #6, shizune hakamichi again

I went back to normal pencil and sketchbook for a little change of pace, as I'm getting tired of writing the word "tablet" so much. I'd wanted to do a copy of Shizune properly, without the cumbersome Paint Park Plus app making it difficult. I know I raved about that app on Vita, but now that I know the difference I'll probably never use it for a project again. Shizune's design was one of my favorites, so it kind of felt like doing the original was a missed opportunity to do it better. It was a fairly simple draw, only taking a few hours, and not implementing color. I haven't done a basic graphite sketch since Spider-Man and Wolverine, which I'd posted in September, before I even started numbering these posts. You can view this newest one here:

Feeling blue. Times two.

Sorry, but no step by step diagram this time; each scan would have taken a few minutes, and I didn't feel like waiting. As I'd mentioned, my scanner really really ups the sharpness and contrast. You see how on the reference image in the top-left, the shadows are darker, particularly in the chest and arms? The sketch in my book actually does look like that. Right now I unfortunately don't have a way to fix it when scanning. The original image also had much softer transitions, particularly on the shirt. I used Picasa 3 to soften the image as much as possible, increase shadows (it was originally even more exposed) and added that snazzy blue tint.

I did kind of learn a new technique (if you can call it that) when filling it in, particularly on those shadows on the shirt. When doing flat, shadowed surfaces in the past, I would usually tilt the pencil on its side, and fill in the shadow that way. Because I was using softer pencils this time, I was able to wear the point down a little bit, then proceed using it to draw a sort of "circle line". You can see it most easily on the shoulder, and shadows down the center of the chest. The shape of the fill-in is not unlike an old school phone cord; press lightly, draw a small circle over and over, and slowly move horizontally. It made a very soft fill-in that I hadn't been able to make before. Prior to discovering this, I was stuck either making a very scratchy-looking fill with the edge of the pencil, or a really intense one using the tip. So, whuddya know, I'm still learning.

I don't know if this medium is just easier than digital drawing, but I didn't seem to have struggled as much this time. In the drawings I've done so far digitally, I really struggled with eyes, and they seemed to have come out much better with pencil. I'd commented before on just how crucial every last detail on the eye is, so it surprised me that I didn't really have to adjust them at all. The final page you see here was my first try, and I used little eraser, if any. I also made the shape of the glasses on my first try too, even though they're usually just as much of a pain.

I think I might have just made a less-sloppy skeleton sketch in the beginning, which made it really easy to pull things together later. I do have a vague memory of taking the time to adjust the shoulders and particularly the arm angles several times, trying to get it just right before moving into details.  I'm also really pleased with how the hair came out.

I don't think the reference image is very complicated, so it's hard to tell if I've gotten any better since I drew Spider-Man or Wolverine in September. If I had to guess, I'd say Wolverine is probably the best one so far. I'll have to see if I can do something more complicated next time.

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