Wednesday, November 6, 2013

amateur art #5, super saiyan gohan

today's amateur art update comes to you by way of Dragon Ball Z. I was really encouraged by my last one, so I kept going with digital instead of switching back to pencil and sketchbook for now. Here's today's upload below, a continuation of my intent to sketch the multiple forms of Gohan. The below pic can be clicked for a larger version. As normal, I've attempted to make the best copy possible of someone else's image I grabbed off the internet. The original is on the left, mine's on the right.

"Super Saiyan 2" ... Get it? 
I'm about as close as I was last time; some successes, some failures. I think I messed up most on the size and shape of the head, as it's a little too wide. The image you see here was actually squished horizontally using the paint app once it was all done, and even after that it's still a little off. This was as narrow as I could mush it without making it the rest of his body look too thin. I don't know why it keeps happening; I'd made the same mistake on Rin.

The original image also has his head kind of cocked, and mine doesn't; I just couldn't figure out "how" to make it do that. Upon posting it and taking a second look, I think it's because I didn't lower the jawline on the right side. Mine is also wider in general, which you can really see in the clothes ruffles on his chest. It's a consequence of the base sketch that I'd made. Once I got going with laying down color, I was too far in to fix it. You can really see it if you take a look at the curvature on the right of his neck. If I'd narrowed that down, I could have moved the shoulder part of his clothes over to the left, and the V of his neck wouldn't be so wide.

Oh, and I also just noticed there's a stray pencil mark made on his stomach. I can't fix it now because I've already closed and saved it, so Ctrl+Z won't work anymore. Fixing it, then re-making the images above and below would be really tedious. Tedious enough for me to just live with it. I'm happy with the result. But because it's a much simpler image than Rin was, and I've done this a couple of times now, I was hoping it would come out just a little bit better. Oh well. Same as last time, I saved a new copy every time I completed a major step so that you could see the progress.

Unfortunately he never learned instant transmission

I was more careful to use layers appropriately this time. SketchBook Express only has a few layers available, but I was able to separate the basic sketch, outline, basic color, shadows/highlights, and final outline without much issue. It really made the whole process more convenient, and kept me from having to do major surgery every time I found a fault. By doing the outline first on a high layer, then switching to a lower one, I was able to give myself some wiggle room when doing color fill-in. If the outline needed to be adjusted alone, I could do that. Just switch to the outline layer, whip out the eraser, and go to town. The color is untouched.

So, definitely not a bad project, and I learned some stuff for next time. It so could have gone worse; I had to put special care into the clothes ruffles, belt, and face, and easily could have faceplanted on them, but they all came out okay with little to no backtracking needed. The face was really the biggest problem in that regard. Also, I've only been doing this for like 2 weeks, so ... yeah. Not bad at all, kid. Not sure what I'll do next yet. I very much want to start making things "from scratch" with no copy, but I'm still a little ways off from that. I've had an odd compulsion to try and re-do Shizune properly, so maybe we'll do that next time.  

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