Friday, September 17, 2010


I need to say a few things about my last 2 posts. I'm not a political person. I get my news from NPR radio and the Daily Show, and that's really about it. Every now and then The Soup will throw something in too. Bottom line, I don't like politics because I think it's very easy for people to become emotional and childish about them, kind of like two kids wrestling until it starts to turn angry. One hits a little to hard, the other retaliates and it just goes on. So while I don't really like listening to most of the pundits out there because they just try to piss you off, I do like to stay on top of what's going on with news because these days it seems like there's really a lot going on. The two sources I mentioned earlier are what I've found to be the best places to get information. And while these sources largely stay unbiased and are mostly concerned with facts and objectivity, naturally I'm going to have opinions about what I hear. I've mentioned before that the reason I write this is that I largely keep these kinds of opinions to myself. I generate a lot of thoughts, opinions, feelings and such about the things I see, hear, etc. and will even take the time to translate them into words in my head, rather than just let them exist as nebulous thoughts. When I do this, I really do get satisfaction from allowing myself to quantify my thoughts because it allows me to understand myself. The problem is that I never have anything to do with them. I avoid political discussions and the like, and while I do also write down my thoughts about games and movies and such on this blog, I also am able to communicate them in conversation. My opinions about the tea party and such go largely unused, and for that reason I am at least able to gain a little satisfaction from posting them. Getting them out in any fashion is therapeutic and cathartic, like I could call it a purge. Getting it out makes me feel like I'm no longer just carrying it around, allowing it to swim around in my brain until it makes me mad. When I write about games and such, I don't risk much negative opinion from readers who might find this blog. Politics however generate massive amounts of negative opinion, and I just want to clarify that what I've posted are just my opinions and are not meant to upset anyone or even motivate anyone to do anything. If someone wanted to, they could probably tear my arguments apart, and easily. My ramblings are, as stated, those of a person whose experience with politics does not go beyond civics in junior college, and are not to be taken as anything more.

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