Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post one

Okay so now I have a blogspot. Ive done this to keep a record of things I think about but never seem to do anything with. Thinking about stuff while at work, at school, etc. comes really really randomly to me. Well I think people use the word random a bit too much. I would say I think very, very, tangentially. During my daily functions I just tend to "wander off". Not intentionally; I can usually recite the day, but somehow I think about stuff like old TV shows while the rest of the world does its thing. Anyways, it's kind of frustrating to not have anything to do with the opinions and other stuff I generate haphazardly, so I thought what the hell I'll record them here. Rather than just record it in a journal or something, if it can entertain you or make you laugh, thats great. That's all I really intend to do with this, but in the future it'll probably expand. I'm not planning on circulating this or handing it out to people just yet. If youre reading this youve found it through Google or its the future now and I've finally decided to hand out the link (its the same link-name as all of my other stuff like youtube but hey). I want to do lists, too. Of all of my favorite stuff like videogames and music and movies. This is probably enough for today.

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